8" Swimming Pool Cover Stainless Steel Spring- 5 Pack for Winter Safety pool Covers

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8" Swimming Pool Cover Stainless Steel Spring- 5 Pack for Winter Safety pool Covers The standard 8" long Stainless Steel cover spring is designed from strong 8 GAUGE wire which Securely hold pool safety covers in place throughout the winter. Springs measures 8 inch expanded stretched long and 7 1/2" short compressed condition The double coil gives added strength and durability, wounded from heavy duty 8 Gauge(.157" wire Diameter )304 non corrosive-Grade rust resistance Stainless Steel to be used with extra Stainless steel D type bracket ensures heavy duty tightening with Rubber straps and trims and finally into Brass Anchors into concrete deck. ( Anchors, Buckles sold separately) When the pool cover receives a large amount of snow in winter with the pool water level lower than 1 1/2' from the underside of the safety cover. Damage to cover springs can also occur if the cover straps are tightened too much so that the spring is completely compressed. As snow accumulates and melts your cover dips and then springs back. FREE Vinyl spring COVER: for spring to protect your concrete deck and safety cover springs from rubbing action with concrete Without spring covers the spring coils would rub on your deck and could scratch the surface.

  • Heavy duty 8 Gauge .157 inch Wire Dia Stainless Steel (SS 304) Spring
  • Measure 8 inch Long stretched expanded and 7 1/2 inch short while compressed
  • Suitable for strap up to 1 inch wide
  • Suitable for all major Pool covers manufacturer's most brand such as - Loop-loc, Raynor, GLI, Meyco, Latham, and many more
  • Includes with square shaped stopper springs and Vinyl spring cover
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